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We combine the power of our proprietary molecule simulation platform "LIDiscoverEngine" with experimental science. LIDiscoverEngine is powered by 600 core supercomputer giving it unmatched performance and reliability of results.

This technology enables our scientists' to virtually design a large array of novel patentable compounds against a particular target in a rational approach. We have the unique capability to distinguish between micro molar vs nano molar potency compounds during design stage. With such capabilities we are able to design and prioritize most promising molecules for synthesis and testing saving considerable cost and time from random screening and testing.

The technology is powered by virtual high throughput screening across 8 million test compound data set to screen for possible chemical space that would be an ideal fit for a target of choice.

How can LeadInvent assist your R&D Programs?

You have discovered a molecule and want to

  • Understand how is it biding to its target protein
  • Diversify and improve efficacy of your current molecule for its target
  • Build alternate scaffold(s) around your initial discovered compound for novelty and patentability
  • Find out other targets that could be engaged by your compound
  • Create SAR (Structure Activity Relationship) and understand critical hot spots of your molecule

You want a batch of molecules to be custom synthesized

  • Custom molecule synthesis
  • Analogue synthesis

You want to build an assay and want to use custom designed chemical probe

  • Custom designed chemical probes

You have a new target X and want to identify compounds that interact with target X

  • Search for early hit molecules of Target X
  • Unravel potential binding sites
  • Design and build from molecule fragments
  • Define pharmacophore that would drive the medicinal chemistry exercise for your target

You have discovered an active peptide and want to replicate it with small molecules

  • Undertake Peptidomimetcis exercise
  • Understand how your peptide is binding to its target
  • Build alternate scaffold(s) around your initial discovered compound for novelty and patentabilityDefine pharmacophore of binding and create small molecules that mimic the peptide binding

Get the LeadInvent advantage into your R&D programs

One of the key challenges in drug discovery is to create seamless scientific collaboration between molecule simulation team and various experimental teams.
At LeadInvent we understand and appreciate the power of combining simulation and experimental science.
Our entire molecule simulation expertise is seamlessly integrated with our discovery chemistry and invitro biology science. This enables us to quickly synthesis the most promising molecules, test their bioactivity and validate our discovery hypothesis.

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